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alaska governor, president obama's political group, organizing for america, is now waging war against her. now, according to abc news, they sent a letter to supporters asking for donations that will help them "push back against sarah palin who they call dangerous." it sounds loik president obama is -- like president obama is worried he may have some competition in the future. joining us with reaction it all of this, fox news anchor, analyst, kimberly guilfoyle and columnist s.e. cupp. ben nelson is going to go along with it. mary landrieu, according to jonathan karl, abc reporting, there is $100 million specific provision just for louisiana. i think she's gone. they bought her vote. prove me wrong. >> she got a much bigger bag to carry the loot. the $100 million on the taxpayers that we're going to have to pay to get this to go through. sean: can you imagine? they need her vote so bad they put in a provision just for louisiana. $100 million of your dollars. so the question is, is this not the moral equivalent of bribery? >> well, it is. it's pretty dirty stuff. but i'm hoping that -- ben
but no studies show that it does work to - des- dr.- it. >> mpmororning is on president obama and - he - he pr was condu that is generating some inte cb cor sha good morning, bill. >> rep you y-- pres for bein pre toda called the freedom of expression and relidge gone universal ri- - >>> > they should be available to al religious minority whether they are or >> - bro natio mos stu rig- gov but u.- pecked at random from the inter should we be able to use twitter fre- twi he gr- >> npnononsesnsorship and i have a lot of wh-- abou i or - >> r-- twit fpfirir thi exc q&a, has whi the president whether bring up human rights when he meets with chin but there's in denying that oth iran more >> so what is this about he says he- out of that. we' bla but it gave him an open to go ta freedom and it's 3re9 clear that when chance to mention just exactly what we do in the united states that t china. in the-- the minut& >> bill planning with the pres thank you very much. now here's maggie.-- >>> a drug. millions take zetia by merck, but renewing questions about whether it our dr. jennifer ash
post reported that said the obama administration plans to propose that the u.s. transportation department take over safety regulation on the nation's subways and the light rail systems. administration officials are responding to a brolin -- growing number of collisions, including the deadly crash on the metro red line last june. virginia will express no lger expects delays on the fredericksburg line today. it said last week that signal will likely push the schedule behind, but the work went faster than expected. the natchez and fredericksburg lines will operate on normal schedule today. >> if president obama is in sign on the third leg of its four nation -- his four nation tour of asia. destocking tsvangirai this morning where he held a town hall meeting with chinese university students, pledging to work with china does all global, economic, and security problems. the president says he is still deciding on a war strategy in afghanistan. secretary of state to hillary clinton says the u.s. need more accountability from the country before sending in more aid. she said the primar
, president obama's political group, organizing for america, is now waging war against her. now, according to abc news, they sent a letter to supporters asking for donations that will help them "push back against sarah palin who they call dangerous." it sounds loik president obama is -- like president obama is worried he may have some competition in the future. joining us with reaction it all of this, fox news anchor, analyst, kimberly guilfoyle and columnist s.e. cupp. ben nelson is going to go along with it. mary landrieu, according to jonathan karl, abc reporting, there is $100 million specific provision just for louisiana. i think she's gone. they bought her vote. prove me wrong. >> she got a much bigger bag to carry the loot. the $100 million on the taxpayers that we're going to have to pay to get this to go through. sean: can you imagine? they need her vote so bad they put in a provision just for louisiana. $100 million of your dollars. so the question is, is this not the moral equivalent of bribery? >> well, it is. it's pretty dirty stuff. but i'm hoping that -- ben nelson did say t
that the family fun atmosphere will not change due to a casino that could be built there. >> president obama is focusing on economic and security issues with the meeting with the chinese president in beijing this morning. >> from his are rival to his ceremony inside, it was a welcome for president obama. every detail was preset fee for a series of meetings between some of the most influential leaders. >> the american people are interested in stronger relations with the people of china. >> obama pledged tighter budget and in the u.s.. >> a strategy where america saves more and spend less, reduces long-term debt and where china makes the adjustment across a broad range of policies. >> encouraging china to take a tougher line on iran and north korea. on climate change, he was trying to get them agreed to clean energy initiatives. >> barack obama is not going to get much out of china. they want to know what is in it for me. barack obama is not offering very much. >> what a magnificent place to visit. >> he toured the city, the heart of china's government. a-and the president honor. he is not com
" is next. . . . host: in our first half-hour we are going to take a look at president obama's foreign- policy. "the economist" describes it in many ways but uses two words in particular -- subtle and not leave. what do you think about president obama's foreign- policy? for democrats, 202-737-0002. for republicans, 202-737-0001. for independents, 202-628-0205. you can twitter us at, e-mail us at this is the leading section of "the economist." the headline this morning, the quiet american. "subtle or strategic diplomacy" the world will find out with his speech on tuesday. "a weakness runs through his foreign-policy. it looks to many that he has dithered, and of the liberated on afghanistan. managing squabbling officials and twisting the arm of, you karzai has accomplished -- twisting the arm of homage karzai -- hamid karzai, which will he be? clever or week? does this president have a strategy backed if necessary by force to reorder the world? or is he merely a presidential version of aldern pyle"? we wanted to use some of the words from "the ec
at home and abroad, to govern the country. it's a serious challenge for president obama, who soon has to decide whether to send tens of thousands of extra troops to combat the taliban. partly on whether he can trust karzai. many agree it will take more than just military might to meet those goals requiring karzai to live up his promises of boosting his own security forces and provide a table government. jeremy, vinita? >>> attorney general eric holder is taking heat from congress to try top terror suspects in new york city. republican senators argued a civilian trial would give suspected 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammad and others a world stage for propaganda. they said a civilian jury could acquit him. holder says that will not happen. >>> the senate has finally released a version of the health care reform bill. the total cost, $849 billion over 10 years. senate democrats claim it would cut the deficit by $127 billion. they promise coverage to 94% of americans. democrats say they will raise money for the plan through higher payroll taxes for the rich and taxes on cosmetic
president obama's first state dinner. >> before today it was unknown how close they actually got to the president. take a look at this. this is an official white house picture of her shaking hands with obama. and her husband standing next to them. all of this, as the white house still tries to figure out how they got so far past secret service check points. >> mr. and mrs. salage. >> before the two crashed the president's first white house state dinner tuesday, the reality rawannabes visited a salon. >> i asked her where is your invitation, do you have it with you? can i see it? >> excited to show me. and going in her purse, to get it. >> but salahe never produced a invite. white house said because they did not have one. the obama administration asked the secret service for a full review to figure out how the couple got inside. >> if questions were asked and people lied, especially in writing. there could be all kind of issues with lying to federal agents. >> the couple's lawyer said the two cleared by the white house to be there. secret service spokesman said they are not ruling
's elections. will barack obama help them win? >>> then, running research. with no shoes and a new book, one man's insight on marathons and human endurance. >>> and, movie magic. michael jackson tops the box office charts. ♪ they say why, why tell them that it's hun nature ♪ >> impressions of "this is it" in "insomniac theater." it's monday, november 2nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we both saw the movie over the weekend and i have to say i burned calories during the movie. >> you were the dancing guy? >> i was moving. the eater was sort of empty so i could gyrate at will. and nobody would pay attention. >> i think you'd be hard-pressed to not dance at least once during that. >> right. it brought back a lot of fond memories. michael in his healthier looking days certainly. and it was interesting. we'll talk about it. >> don't ruin it. >> i'll try not to. >> stay tuned for that part, we'll talk about it. >> stick around, we'll give our reviews. good morning on this monday. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> president obama is putting hit political clout on the
of that country's opposition presidential candidate. president obama h h been counting on a clean election in afghanistan as he weighs sending 40,000 more u.s. troops there.e. but hopes for a legitimate process are now all but lost after president hamid karzai's main challenger dropped out of the race. here's david kerley. >> reporter: they will all feel the effect. the more than 100,000 allied troops, the afghan people, of this man's decision to quit next weekend's presidential runoff. >> i will not participate in the november 7th elections. >> reporter:r:bdullah abdullah's exit from the presidential race hands victory to the incumbent, president hamid karzai, a victory that is tainted by massive fraud in the first election back in august. still, abdullah urged his followers to remain calm. >> so that's the call for myself, not to go to the reets, no demonstrations. >> reporter: presisint karzai is set to rule the war-torn nation for another five years partnering with the u.s. amidst accusations he is ineffective and corrupt. >> i think it's time for us to stop beating up on president kar
>> in washington, a year ago today, america voted barack obama as president. a year later, a possible setback for the president. >> time to start planning for the weekend. the forecast as to 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we would get to other big stories in just a moment. thus check the forecast with tony pann. >> [unintelligible] it is called this morning, but i think it will be a very nice weekend. sunrise is the best time of the day when it is crisp and clear like that. beautiful shot there. it is crisp but cold and clear. he may have to scrape some frost off your windshield. 33 at the airport. shooting for a high of a 55. it should stay dry near baltimore. there may be summer rain showers late this afternoon. we will look at the forecast for the weekend when we come back in a few minutes. let's say good morning to sarah. >> that was a beautiful shot. here is what we are dealing wi
could both turner read today. both states a bloated obama last year. -- could both turner r red tape. both states voted obama last year. in virginia, the republican came from behind and has a double- digit lead. the democrat is walking a tightrope trying to win obama supporters but also distancing himself. president obama campaigned for both democrats. washington-lac -- washington backlash could work against them. in upstate new york, and republican dropped out and endorsed the democrat against the conservative candidate. and maine is trying to determine if they should roll back the same sex law. washington is watching these races very closely. voter frustration is attributed to the millions of people who cannot find a job. wbal-tv. >> a first of its kind program begins in maryland today keeping an eye on maryland practitioners and how often they wash their hands. the program will place secret shoppers in hospitals to make sure practitioners' practice proper hygiene. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think of a program that monitors doctor's hand hygi
with barack obama an early supporter, they were supporters of obama. he talked with google about an open net and supporting places like silicon valley. the reality is that engineers as britent as understanding science, they lack and in feeling. gates would question his motives. he thought he was doing good. he thought he was creating an operating system this was universal. what gates doesn't understand is fear. fear would move dpens them. microsoft now is on the other side lobbying. google has too much sway over advertising. the same kind of people had an interest in the competition >> check out this picture. they have 2 (000) 000-0000? >> they have $21 billion. >> after only being in business 11 years. >> that's roughly the same amount of ad dollars. >> these are just the little ads off to the right-hand side. and it's 2/3 of what all the newspapers are bringing in >> i'll read this to you, "two millionaires who would buy this straight from it's all over you tube. can you find it there. you can. it's a retreat. it's kind of like a wood stock retreat in oout in the desert. it's in late augus
. >>> there will be a memorial at fort hood today. president obama and the first lady will be there and will meet with the families of these victims. the suspected shooter, major nidal hasan, is all wake and talking. he will be tried in a military court. investigators believe he acted alone. >>> president obama is said to be close to deciding on a war strategy in afghanistan. he will approve most of the 40,000 additional troops requested. mr. obama meets with his war council again tomorrow and leaves for asia on thursday. the white house says there will probably not be an announcement on this until he gets back. >>> senators are looking into the safety lapses at metro. nce spring, metro officials have barred independent monitors from walking the tracks. metro says it has been a misunderstanding and that monitors have always been allowed to approach the tracks if there are accompanied by safety escorts. >>> major changes for same-sex marriages. the changes will include a provision that will make it easier for churches to participate in gay weddings and receptions. it would eliminate domestic partn
>>> presidential push. mr. obama holds intense talks with chinese president hu engine take you. >>> cancer controversy. new guidelines spark debate over the cost and ben gits of mammograms. >> early detect saved my life. >>> and tragic end. the body of a missing 5-year-old north carolina girl is found along a road sigh. her mother charged with selling her for sex. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 17th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 17th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. we begin this morning with president obama's visit to china. he met with hu jintao for 2 1/2 hours. crucial issues including the economy, human rights and taiwan were on the table. in the he said, there was some agreement and acknowledgement that differences and tension remain. whit johnson is in washington with details. whit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, had there are deep points of disagreement between the united states and china. both presidents attempted to address critical issues while
of this great state. >> reporter: president obama hit the campaign trail himself to give deeds and corzine an extra boost. despite the losses, more than half the voters said it had nothing to do with president obama. it was one year ago today where a record number of voters carried president obama to his historic victory. they did in the all turn out this time around. >> the people that came out to vote for president obama in 2008, young people and african- americans were not there. >> reporter: the key now for democrats may be reenergizing those voters in time for the mid term mid-term elections next year. in washington, whit johnson, wjz eye witness news. >>> a record win for mayor bloomberg last night. many voters expressed anger over his big campaign spending. bloomberg changed term limit laws to stay in office. he will be the first third-term mayor. >>> and the win in maine where voters shot down the law for same sex marriage. we have more on >>> we are checking out a police-involved shooting in cecil county in the town of northeast. a 50-year-old man was throwing rocks at pa
have been made. president obama faces a milestone this week, the first anniversary of his election. though comes as the economy is showing signs of >> americans all around the country continue to ask the question, where are the jobs? >> republicans are saying the obama administration is not creating or saving the jobs. >> most of the jobs that are created or government jobs. >> the treasury secretary predicts a shocking recovery. >> this is a very tough economy. it is going to take some time for unemployment to come down and for jobs to get created again. >> he says the stimulus spending is just starting to show results. he says it is far too early as to whether government spending will be needed more. the president does not want to break one of his key campaign promises and raise taxes on the middle class. in washington, wbal-tv. >> u.s. senator ben cardin is also weighing in on the economy. he told our correspondent what he says is the real signs of recovery. >> it starts with consumer confidence. people wanting to go to a restaurant or buy a new car or home. it starts with havin
president obama will address the nation on his new strategy for the war in afghanistan on tuesday night. the president will appear from the u.s. military academy at west point. he's expected to lay out his plan for expanding the number of troops involved in the afghan conflict and ultimately ending america's management role. >>> the washington area is mourning the loss of abe pollin. the 85-year-old owner of the wizards died yesterday from a rare neurological disorder. pollin bought the bullets in the ' 60s and moved them to washington. the built the capital center in landover and the verizon center in chinatown. the arena revitalized the region and improved the quality of life in washington. abe pollis survived by his wife and two sons and two grandsons. he was the longest serving owner of an nba franchise. david stern issued a statement saying in part -- the capitals owner has the option to buy the franchise and the verizon center. >>> he meant a lot to one class at seat pleasant elementary. he promised to pay their college if they graduated. 55 of them did including tiffany nelson. >
obama's political lot. >> a lot of the attention is focused on virginia, which is now considered a swing state, and on new jersey, where a republican may or may not unseat a democrat in the governor's race. president obama has worked hard to keep virginia and new jersey in the democratic column. the outcome of gubernatorial races in those states may be a reflection on the president. >> if he spots virginia and new jersey, he is fine. but if he loses both of them, that could slow down his momentum for his agenda. >> for the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia. >> in virginia, the president campaigned and helped raise money for creeds. >> i just felt that mcdonald's is too conservative. >> but polls show that voters were leaning toward mcdonald. >> i think he would have lower taxes. >> president obama also spent time campaigning for the new jersey democratic gov. jon corzine who is fighting to hold onto his seat. and lost their would be viewed as a suspect for the democratic -- a loss there would be viewed as a setback for the democratic party. [unintelligible] >> i will let peop
think of president obama's first year in office. >> virginia and new jersey could turn red today. both states voted obama last year. today there democrat for governor are struggling. >> are you fired up? jon corzine is trying to hold onto his seat. he is neck and neck with the republican chris cristi. >> are you already? >> in virginia bob mcdonnell came from behind to get a double-digit lead. deeds is walking a tightrope trying to win obama supporters but distance himself. >> i am i on gumy own guy. >> anti-tax, anti the government's message is a winning message for republicans in the obama era. >> in upstate new york, a democrat got a break when a republican dropped out and endorsed a democrat against a conservative candidate. also, there's a controversial question on many ballots today, whether to roll back the same- sex marriage law. make no mistake, washington is watching these races very closely. in fact, the white house attributes voter frustration this year to the fact that tens of thousands of people still cannot find a job. traci potts reporting from capitol hill. >> the afgh
in the 17-year legal battle but a similar case is pending. >>> president obama takes a scenic break from high-level talks but as he tours the forbidden city with china's top leader, major differences. the story is coming up. >>> plus, an important inspection takes place before the shuttle links up with the international space station. it is coming up on 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now. rth carolina mother could face more chars in the death of her 5-year-old daughter. searchers found shania davis ' body 30-miles from her hometown in fayetteville. police accused the mother of offering her for sex. a man has been charged with kidnapping the little girl last week. >>> president obama toured beijing's forbidden city and he met with the chinese president for morethan two hours behind close doors. afterwards both leaders emphasized cooperation on the economy and climate change but differences remain on issues like human rights and trade. >>> this morning, the space shuttle "atlantis" is orbiting earth after blasting off from the kennedy space center yesterday afternoon. today the
and world report about looking at the obama administration one year later. is the fascination over? that's what some are saying or is this the real deal? we'll talk with him. and the virginia governor race is a big deal with mcdonnell leading. are we seeing a backlash from folks not happy with the obama administration. we'll look at the first year in office. >>> first we want to go to tucker barnes and find out what we have in store for today's weather forecast. hello, tucker. >> thanks very much, tony. cool weather to start the day. a mix of sun and clouds across the region and temperatures back in the upper 40s and low 50s. hang in there. we'll see more sunshine than yesterday. although we won't be in the clear here until tomorrow. 52 degrees to start the day at reagan national. we bottomed out in the low 50s here, about 51. 49 in new york city. look at the cool air off to the north and west. pittsburgh was in the low 30s. columbus was in a freezing mark an hour ago and now up to 41. so we're starting the warming trend. never get a chance to warm up across the washington area as our af
. >> up next on c-span, we go to president barack obama and presidents hu jintao at a press conference in china. "washington journal" begins each morning at 7:00. this morning, a house panel to investigate the federal government's role in the bank of america/merrill lynch murder of 2008. live coverage from the house oversight committee begins at 10:00 on cspan 3. later in the day, a look at the u.s. response to the h1n1 flu virus. the senate, and security department -- the senate homeland security department will look at the government role. president barack obama continues his asia trip. he met with met withhu jintao and the two leaders spoke about relations between the two countries. topics included all the major issues of the day. this is from china's state-run television. >> i would like to extend a warm welcome to proceed on his state visit. welcome to china. i had a very good talk with president barack obama. the two sides hadn't in-depth exchange of views on how to further financial relationship and our major regional and international issues of shared interests. the two sides r
. >> a stunning display of disagreement within the obama administration. the ambassador to afghanistan has come out against the deployment of a lot more than just troops. the conflict is complicating the president's decision on how many troops to send. >> the revelation came as president obama left on a trip to asia where he will continue to consider how many u.s. troops to send it to afghanistan. he is now getting conflicting advice from the general that retired and was picked by obama to be the u.s. ambassador to kabul, expressing his reservations about sending more forces. that is at odds with the current u.s. commander that once at least 40,000 more troops, general mcchrystal. it has been complicated about the disagreement. >> this is what makes the president's job very difficult. >> the u.s. ambassador fears that president karzai is to corrupt. a former deputy agrees. >> we do not want our young men and women dying to support a corrupt government. >> president karzai did not help his case, saying -- new developments that could affect president obama's decision on how many more u.s. troops
. >> the obama administration makes a controversial announcement about the 9/11 terrorist suspects. >> college basketball tips off tonight. >> the storm off of the carolina doctor banks will play a role in our weekend weather, but we also might get a peak of the sunshine. relatively mild in baltimore right now. the winds are diminishing out of the north. here is a look at what is coming up on tonight's "jay leno" show. > >> the president of the university of maryland baltimore county has been named one of the best college presidents in the united states. he has spent much of his 17-year tenure -- jim smith says his passion and vision made the university a premier institution of higher learning. >> there has been a controversial announcement from the obama administration. khalid sheikh mohammed is the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and will be tried in new york. >> attorney general eric holder said he would not have made this decision if he was not absolutely confident that all five suspects would be convicted and likely face the death penalty. more than eight years after the se
barack obama and the democrats. we are seeing that independent voters were really key. they preferred mcdonnell by nearly a 2-1 ratio over democrat creigh deeds. the exit poll showed this was different from the 2008 election when independents in virginia split. down the middle between the two parties. it was clear early in this campaign that mcdonnell was becoming the favorite. poll after poll showed the republican candidate leading the race. mcdonnell said the numbers didn't matter and he encouraged voters to get out on election day. last night, he thanked them and talked about his plans for the state. >> leading virginia will require innovation and cooperation. my promise to you as governor is the same as my promise to you as candidate for governor. and that is to strengthen the free enterprise system, to create more jobs and opportunity so that every virginian can use their god- given taalents to pursue the american dream if liberty here in this great commonwealth. >> reporter: president obama, of course, was the first democrat in 44 years to win in virginia but this time around, v
to finish the job. president obama gets closer to a strategy in afghanistan. >>> a local restaurant owner is helping to feed the needy on thanksgiving, a story of great generosity coming up right here on wjz. >>> a cool and rainy day fades into evening. our meteorologist is updating the forecast. >> wjz is always on. for the top stories instant updates and first weather all . >>> now first weather, complete forecast and first warning of severe weather. >> this is what it looks like outside. it is very gray. we have a few pockets of rain out there and in between there is occasion rounds of drizzle. the clouds are very low and thick at times and we're going to see the clouds lower again tonight forming another round of clouds and possibly drizzle once again. switch it over and show you. over night we had a more solid rain and that moved on with the first storm that brought us the first round. over an inch of rain from that with alone. even though it dried out we never cleared out. winds still out of the northeast keeping us locked in these clouds and the cool air and ear going to see with t
change. >> president obama could be nearing a decision on afghanistan. this could be his last strategy session. our bureau reporter has more on when we could expect an announcement. >> according to the white house press secretary, his new afghanistan strategy could be announced within days. president obama may be making a decision about the afghan war. >> the american people want the president to take the time to get the decision right rather than make a hasty decision. >> following months of deliberation, he has been considering a number of troop options. one has requested 40,000 forces. a middle option ranges around 20,000 could be more likely. >> it is not just how we get people there but what is the strategy for getting them out. >> administration officials say the generals could testify before congress as early as next week. the president will have to convince allies. he is hosting a visit with the prime minister of india who is an important part of that region. >> [unintelligible] >> president obama and the prime minister are expected to talk more about cooperation on counterterr
throughout our broadcast. >>> in other news, president obama announced he will reveal his new strategy on the war in afghanistan. steve handelsman has more on this story from the white house. >> reporter: if as many here in washington expect, president obama when he announces this new plan next week, basically splits the difference between what many advisors asked him to do and sends about 30,000 more troops to afghanistan. some of the strongest objections will come from his own democrats. appearing from the prime minister of india, a key ally in the fight against islamic terrorism, president obama said what he will announce next week is a new strategy to win in afghanistan. >> it is my intention to finish the job. >> reporter: that is a shot aimed at dick cheney who is saying mr. obama is taking too long to decide. it's a slam of the whole bush team and what mr. obama says were eight years in afghanistan without the right strategy or resources. allowing the taliban comeback. the obama goal? >> to make sure al qaeda and its extremist allies cannot operate effectively in those areas. >>
election of president barack obama one year ago, republicans scored big wins last night in two key states that the president carried. virginia and new jersey. our washington bureau reporter has the latest results. >> after a neck-and-neck race, republican chris christy pulled out the winner in new jersey. -- win new jersey. >> this is about the future of the state we love, new jersey. >> his victorious despite his competitor that campaign with the president several times. another win. >> my promise to you as governor is at the same as my promise to you as a candidate for the position. >> just because we did not get the right result tonight is not mean we can get home and unwind. we have to keep working. >> democrat picked up new york for a win. there was a contentious special election. >> we sent the message loud and clear, it put aside partisanship and declared we are ready to move forward not backward. >> last night's results prove to voters are paying attention to the administration, but the white house says it does not think it provide any insight into what will happen in next year's
obama's first state dinner and went on to brag about it. >>> a bounty is put on the head of anyone who shoots and kills a child in one city. the reward is there on the billboard. why one reverend says this had to be done. plus -- >> well, i'm here for two laptops and a plasma tv. >> even before the turkey is even in the oven, bargain hunters are already in line to cash in on black friday. is this crazy or what? >>> first, though, you want to talk about crazy, the secret service is trying to figure out how a couple crashed tuesday's state dinner. the reality show wannabes were reportedly not on the guest list but somehow got in. agents say the couple went through scanners and that president obama was never in danger but a former white house security adviser says the couple could face some serious charges for lying to federal officials. >> this is a pretty serious crime not to mention as you say it's a threat. they would have been screened and not had weapons on them but of course once you're into the state dinner, there are knifes and forks and cutlery and literally we've seen pictures
." >> the stakes are monumental for president obama. >> we have an obligation to create a better health-care system that works for our people, businesses, and government alike. >> he leans on lawmakers' in person on friday to try to close the deal for democrats. the house plan gets a powerful endorsement from the aarp. their plan would expand coverage at the expense of medicare. nbc news. >> 38 degrees -- attorneys for the convicted sniper make a last attempt to spare his life. >> in new details of the discovery of more bodies inside of a convicted rapist home. what they have in common and how they hope to link the suspect two other unsolved crimes. >> here is a live look at traffic. volume is picking up on the ring ring ring ring progresso. hi. we love your weight watchers endorsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago. well that's great. you haven't seen him... my other can is ringing. progresso. hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. to start losing essential nutrients? not long. in fact, green beans lose... half t
shooting rampage at fort hood are being remembered today. president obama will travel to texas to remember them. the investigation revealed new details about the suspects. nikole killion has more on that. >> president obama will speak at a memorial today. she will meet with families and wounded troops. at fort hood, president obama is pledging a full investigation in the tragic shooting. >> we are going to complete this investigation and take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that something like this never happens again. >> did the government missed warning signs? the fbi has opened an internal review to see if they mishandled information gathered about nidal hasan last year. a radical group praised him as a hero for his attack. some of the 9/11 hijackers and nidal hasan were shipped at a mosque. >> he practiced the islamic faith, would offer no justification for his son aa and cowardly act of violence. >> investigators say there is no evidence that he was directed to carry out the rampage. the fbi does not believe he was part of a terrorist plot. >> i cannot tell you what we were
side of the aisle which was more confusing to my friends, hanging out with the obama administration or hanging out with sharpton. >>> with us this morning, education secretary arne duncan, former democratic presidential candidate reverend al sharpton, and former house speaker newt gingrich. >>> in the "meet the press minute," as president obama lands in china this morning we look back to 1976 when george h.w. bush tries to explain a controversial chinese invitation extended to an impeached richard nixon. >> we can argue and there's plenty of room for opinion and i have my own personal opinion which i don't plan to divulge to you about how i feel about it, but i'm telling you how the chinese feel about it. >>> but first secretary of state hillary clinton is traveling in asia with president obama. i spoke to her hours ago from singapore. secretary clinton, welcome back to "meet the press." >> it's great to talk with you from singapore, david. thank you. >> let me begin by something that's very controversial back home, as you well know, the decision by the attorney general to transfer
deeply with the courageous proposal made by u.s. president obama for a world free from nuclear weapons and i strongly support this call. but nuclear abolition is not the goal for which the united states should be asked to bear full responsibility. rather it is necessary for all countries to recognize their responsibility and take action. as the only country to have experienced the use of nuclear weapons in war, japan has called for nuclear abolition and has maintained three anti-nuclear principles. no country can be more convincing for a world without nuclear weapons than japan. i am resolutely determined that japan will fulfill its role as a global bridge to contribute to nuclear disarmament and non- proliferation so that we can take an important step toward leaving the children of the future of world free from nuclear weapons. [applause] japan is a maritime country position in the asia-specific region. sent agent times, japan's rich culture was often to exchanges and trade with different cultures. we must never allow the seas surrounding japan to again become the site of battle. we m
on terror. >>> the future for soldiers working in afghanistan was the subject of president obama's speech yesterday. he is determined to quote finish the job and destroy the terrorist networks working in the region. military officials are expecting an increase of any where from 32 to 35,000 troops next year. president obama says he's very confident the american people will give him their support. >>> police search for a man accused of shooting his girlfriend. 4-year-old jeffrey newborn surrendered to police. he shot his girlfriend, her name is not being released but she is expected to survive. the woman's children attend two near by schools which were put on lock down during the search. police do not know what led to the shooting. >>> black friday is the annual hunt for deals but the search turned deadly last year when shoppers trampled a man to death. now that death is prompting many retailers. kelly mcpherson explains what retailers are doing to keep shoppers safe here. >> reporter: retailers are asking to put safety first. >> reporter: the promise of a door buster bargain. >> we're get
in election so tainted with fraud that his challenging dropped out. president obama personally called him. >> i emphasized that this has to be a point in time in which we begin to write a new chapter. he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment. but as i indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words, it's going to be in deeds. >> the white house says despite the canceled election, the president's decision on troop levels could still be weeks away. >>> joining us with more on the situation in afghanistan is malu innocent from the catoe institute. good morning. good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> we enjoyed your analysis in afghanistan, we wanted to have you back to talk about the latest development. karzai again president for another five years. what are the implications. i think we scratched our heads and said where is the runoff. >> he won by default simply because abdullah has opted out because of the pervasive amount of fraud that riddled the first election, it wasn't clear that second round wouldn't also be riddled with allegations of voter fraud
is a disaster for our country. president obama said that it would be under $900 billion. it is not. president obama said it would not add to the deficit. it will >>reporter: illinois senator says a health care plan has to be passed by the end of the year when president obama and congress will need to shift their attention to the economy and jobs. >> i hope in the end that some republicans will crossover and help us put together a good bill that will serve this nation. >>reporter: three moderate democrats and -- leave democrats shy of the 60 votes needed to break a republican filibuster. >> i don't want to fix the problems in our health care system in a way that creates more of an economic crisis. >>reporter: the senator says one of his biggest problems with the senate plan is that public option. learn more about health care reform on our website. go to >>> president obama said that his economic stimulus plan would create a million new environmental jobs. washington times is working on a story that points out that so far his plan for green jobs has fallen way short. >> ce
or new jersey. >> the news was a disappointment for democrats. in a state where president obama won just last year and campaigned with democrats creigh deeds is an election cycle -- this election cycle, it is republican bob mcdonnell that will be the next governor. >> tonight's great victories a clear sign that we, the people, are fed up with the obama,'s, mccain agenda. -- the obama pelosi kaine agenda. >> i do not believe that the elections in virginia and new jersey portend a lot about the legislative success or political success in the future. i just do not. >> political success was a definite struggle for the president's fellow democrat. in the usual democratic stronghold of new jersey, incumbent john corzine fell to a republican chris christie. a drop out this weekend after a major split between gop conservatives and moderates. bill owens could be the first democrat elected to that congressional districts since the 1800's it began over -- if he can overcome the conservative candidates. with the polls now closed, it seems this been will begin. -- the span will begin. >> there are co
. >>> president barack obama president obama is expected to announce he is sending 25,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan. the new deployments would probably start next year. >>> another day of rain in the city of baltimore. unfortunately it doesn't look any better for the thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. jessica starr joins us with all the good news in our skywatch forecast. >> rain, rain go away, come again another day with all the holidays travel out there. we're dealing with another round of showers out there. overnight the main concern for us is going to come the fog that's going to be pretty thick out there. if you are traveling in the midwest, rain showers through chicago o'hare through detroit and ohio valley. look at florida. you think you're going to get some sunshine in florida? think again. these two areas of low pressure systems are going to make their way into your region. back home here you can see a blanket of clouds, a little bit of clearing overnight tonight but those clouds are going to back up. if you are traveling tonight there's a little bit of a delay out of new york a
. republicans won two states that backed president obama just a year ago. cbs national correspondent jeff glor is here with the latest on the numbers. good morning, sir. >> hey, harry, good morning to you. independent voters who supported president obama in 2008 broke heavily for republicans in yesterday's elections and that helped republicans win the governors races in new jersey and virginia. in new jersey chris christie unseated jon corzine in a bitterly fought contest. >> this election was and is about the future of the state we love, the great state of new jersey. >> governor jon s. corzine. >> reporter: corzine was blamed by some voters for the state's ailing economy and the highest in the nation property taxes. independent voters were key, backing christie two to one over corzine. in virginia independent voters by that same margin put conservative bob mcdonnell in the governor's office. >> eight months ago i applied for the job of governor of virginia. tonight, you have hired me. thank you. >> reporter: the gubernatorial races have been closely watched as a p
obama ordered a review of all intelligence related to hasan, and whether it was properly shared, amid reports even years ago hissian's co-workers questioned his mental competence. the civilian officer is being credited with stopping the attack are sharing their stories. though it's still unclear whose shot brought hasan down, both are hailed as heroes. >> i put myself between him and the rest of the bystanders out ere. >> i was very surprised. i thank god to this day i wasn't hit. >> reporter: back on the army base where 13 lost their lives that day, walls that once symbolized security are now the site of a make shift memorial, as the community tries to move on. >> ft. hood has gotten its breath back and we continue to move forward. >> reporter: today's charges perhaps an important step in the justice system and the search for healing. kristen dahlgren, nbc news. >>> military officials have not said what further charges may be filed. one of the victims was pregnant and there is a provision in the military code that allows for an additional murder count for an unborn child. >>> there i
the latest. >> as president obama continues his asian tour, more discussions on capitol hill. officials including vice president joe biden and tom care bill. he has enough to start debate though cautiously optimistic. >> we will come up with a bill that we feel comfortable with and give to the american people. >> they are meeting with senate democrats to discuss the biey ae democrats to discuss the bill which could be unveiled as early as today. it includes several changes, such as a new proposal for long-term insurance program to assist the elderly and disabled. many gop are opposed. >> the public is saying that they do not want any more bills that are 2000 pages. >> the vote could come as early as this friday. in washington, nikole killion, wbal-tv. coming up, the mornings financial news in a bloomberg business report. >> which new cars are the safest on the road? we will bring you the results of a new report in the consumer alert. >> the ravens give their place- kicker the boot. >> he did not want to give your car the boot. what is in store for the first snowfall of the season. we ar
last night. the legislation passed by just two votes, and president obama made health care reform a key point of his domestic agenda. >> the bill is passed! >> reporter: passive of the sweeping $20 trillion house reform bill came down to a couple hours of debate and a handful of votes. >> some of my colleagues just received a call from the president of the united states, barack obama, congratulating us on a great victory for the american people. >> the day began with president obama traling to capitol hill to make sure democrats supported the bill. an amendment banning government-funded abortions, and it was demanded by moderate democrats. and republicans condemn it as a washington power grab. >> how does it have to get before we stop the out of control spending. >> the health care system in america needs reform, but pelosi plan is the wrong prescription. democrats say their bill kecove more than 36 million that cannot get insurance right now. >> this is not the pelosi plan, but a plan for all of america. >> reporter: in washington a. show down on land mark legislation, but not the end
president obama approached the delicate issue of human rights in china. >>> lucky to be alive. a texas teen who manages to survive a critical case of h1n1. and what doctors learn from her case. >>> and the toys your child plays with may have been determined in utero. interesting study. >>> it is 4:29. 69 degrees and sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> on the visit to china, president obama delicately urged chinese leaders to stop internet censureship. but with china playing a major role in holding america's national debt, the president had to make his case carefully. >> reporter: president obama had just arrived in china when he was faced with a delicate issue of human rights. >> should we be able to use twitter freely is the question? well -- >> the u.s. ambassador to china said the question on chinese censureship was submitted online for this town-hall meeting online. they block websites called twitter and facebook, using what's known as the great firewall. and limit state viewership by onl
recent federal action was an executive order, signed by president obama, making restoration of the chesapeake a national priority. >>> we have breaking news for you now. a car crashes into a house in north baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene now. captain mike perry with more. >> that's about the extent of it here. single vehicle accident. car versus a house. this is going to be at mcculloch street and whitelock. the single vehicle apparently lost control. driver lost control, collided with the home. you see some damage to a basement window there. apparently, no injuries to anyone inside. however, there were injuries to people inside the vehicle. two medic units on the scene. you can expect issues if you come northbound on whitelock from mcculloch. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much, cpts mike perry. >>> bob is here. and it's november. >> it's already november. can you believe it? thanksgiving right down the street. >>> let's take a look at temps and conditions. time to put your jerky out. >>> winds are calm. we'll come back and look at the rest of the
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